– Paula’s Crew Session

Carpe Vita Photography first met high school senior Paula at a promotional calendar photo shoot at the A Biker Garage in Roanoke on 377.  She was wearing her Batman shirt and enjoyed playing in one of the leather jackets.Then Paula came to visit with us about being a crew member on one of our Tuesday night Crew Orientation meetings.  We knew we wanted her to be a crew member and we knew she would be a great member, problem was finding the time as all the different people involved seemed to be really busy and traveling.  We finally settled on Saturday, October 23, 2010 and waited for the day to come.The night before storms blew in and started to make us a little nervous.  But when morning came it was not raining so we decided to proceed.  God goes with us everywhere and makes great things happen if we will just allow him to.   After going through Paula’s clothes, we headed to DV8 The Salon where Halen made Paula feel like a star and ironically come to find out, she knew Paula’s sister.  While Paula was having her hair and make-up professionally done – which we recommend for every senior/photography session for females and the ladies at DV8 do a killer job plus offer Carpe Vita clients a discount on their photo styling services – the sky started to sprinkle.  Steve was playing weather man that day watching the weather move across the metroplex and told us to head East.We tried to outrun the rain but it caught up with us and then Steve let us know about tornadoes in Grapevine so we took cover at a cool place – name withheld in exchange of them allowing us to gently use their location for Paula’s backgrounds.  And what fun did we have.Here’s a video of Paula’s session- she and her family are seeing these for the first time like you are.  We are trying this approach in hopes it will help our clients enjoy the photography, share the photos with friends and family, maybe be a little less overwhelmed when they come to their order session and better prepared for making decisions.Thanks to Kathy, Paula’s mom for helping with the video camera and special thanks to Halen at DV8 and the undisclosed location.  Paula’s session is a Crew Session and in exchange for all the works, Paula helps others get to know about Carpe Vita Photography.  The Carpe Vita Urban session is 90 minutes on location and you can schedule a hair and make-up session with DV8 for similar treatment if you prefer not to be expected to tell others about each of our services.  Either way, we have a blast and God willing, will make lemonade out of lemons when necessary.To learn more about the Carpe Vita Crew please give us a call at 817.410.9975 – we would love for you to attend one of our Tuesday Crew Orientations to get the details and we want to know to expect you and your parent coming to see us.  Carpe Vita is accepting Crew Applications for the Class of 2010 only through December 2010 and currently we are photographing Class of 2011 Crew Members too.  If you are a Freshman or a Sophomore, we have needs for you to be a Crew Assistant (which does include photography) before becoming a Crew Member.Two last funny notes on Paula’s session -1st, the music for the video is titled “Rain”and 2nd, the ending shots on the train tracks and in the street are actually there at 377 within a stone’s throw of where we first met Paula.  So it seems we came full circle and had a terrific time creating one of a kind photography for her and her family.Paula, we hope you love what you see!  See you Monday night for a closer look at everything!

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