– may 3rd is mom&me short sweet session day!

Now that Carpe Vita Photography is getting settled into our new studio location in Grapevine on lovely Main Street, we are ready to start something we have wanted to do for a while – Short Sweet Sessions.  These are awesome little sessions that help fill in the spaces between the bigger custom Carpe Vita family sessions.Our first Short Sweet Session is Monday, May 3rd in honor of mommies everywhere!The Short Sweet Sessions are quick 20 minute ditties, that are themed and available only for one day so we will only have 15 slots each time we have one of these days.   They will usually take place either on a Monday or a Friday – that way they don’t interfere with the weekend sports schedule or Mom’s Day Outs held in the middle of the week.The themes are ideas we have come up with that will focus on relationships within your family or on fun ways to compliment your decor with creative family photography, so designed to be displayed in different areas of your home.  Some examples of upcoming themes and where they could displayed in your home include Little Chef/Cupcakes for the Kitchen, Rainy Day for the mudroom, and Clean Laundry/Dirty Laundry for the Laundry Room. to name a few.For more details, click here or one of the postcard photos above.For The Mom & Me Short Sweet Session, we will have a little something extra honoring the newest mom, the mom who has been a mom the longest and the mom with the most generations with her.  Call today to secure your Mom & Me Short Sweet Session and check back here later for the results on our special honorees.Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May the 9th!

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