– laura and randall’s wedding

Laura’s grandmother was married in The Little Chapel in the Woods in 1946 and 64 years later Laura and Randall would exchange their wedding vows at the same altar.  (And no, Steve didn’t photograph the grandmother’s wedding.)

the Little Chapel in the Woods

Laura’s shoes add a touch of color

Laura told Randall her dress had a “peacock train”

Randall considers a fashion accent of his own

Laura’s grandmother walks down the aisle again

Laura and her father follow in the family footsteps

This best man knows what to do!

The two “brides”

After the wedding the couple celebrated with a reception at Grand Traditions – appropriately named.

Wedding photos and invitation from 1946.

Three sister reunite for another wedding celebration

Not a lot of single men available…

Sometimes it’s tough being the youngest!

All the single ladies

A barrage of bubbles

After the honeymoon, Laura and Randall returned home to Louisiana to celebrate again with family and friends.  All of the images from their wedding in Denton will soon be available  for viewing.  If you’d like to be notified when they are released, simply register with Pictage.

Thank you Laura and Randal for letting Carpe Vita be part of such a special wedding.

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