Jesse’s Family Portraits – Celebrating a Special Birthday

A dad who will willing listen to his two adult daughters who tell him to pack for a weekend, including something kind of dressy,  be up and ready for us to pick you up in wee hours on a Saturday, is a great sport.

Jesse knew it was time to celebrate his 70th birthday but with his two daughters, he didn’t really know what to expect.  He lives not too far from Alicia and her family in the Killeen area, so they picked him up with the kids all packed for a road trip.  They head north to where sister Kimberley and her family live but veer away from Farmers Branch where they live and land in Grapevine.  And by 10am, we are photographing Jesse with his children and grandchildren.

Relaxed professional photography

A big squishy family hug by Carpe Vita Photography

The last time this family was formally photographed, we were still shooting with film and Katherine, the oldest grandchild was maybe 3 and the token male grandchild was about 6 months old.  Their great-grandparents and their grandmother who were in the previous session have all passed away and now there are two additional sisters and cousins.

Grandparent with grandkids photo

Jesse photographed with all his grandkids by Carpe Vita Photography

We love photographing families we know and love and seeing how they have grown.

Casual Kid Photography in Studio

Making memories by Carpe Vita Photography

Professional Family Photography Dallas Ft Worth

Photography kids enjoy by Carpe Vita Photography

And not all family photography has to be smiling for the camera.  This is just how this family is – a load of laughter.

Fun Family Photos in Studio

This is just who they are by Carpe Vita Photography

From here, Jesse’s family treated him to a special lunch with a surprise guest from his past and then a night at Great Wolf Lodge and Water Park here in Grapevine with all of the family.  We were honored to be part of Jesse’s celebration and their families memories for years to come.


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