Innvision Design Showroom

Earlier last week, Kim Cooley received a call from Kathy Runkel, artist extraordinaire behind all the cool things she has going on at her company Luminexa.  Kathy was helping another friend Luanne Fausett of Innvision get their new design showroom ready for it’s unveiling on Thursday in the Dallas Design District.  Kathy thought Luanne could possibly use a photographer to showcase what all she had been doing and Kathy thought of Carpe Vita Photography – thanks Kathy, we always appreciate people thinking of us to show off others’ talents.Innvision is a design supply company for inns and Luanne and her local team members created this unique showroom and design center to help hoteliers get a better feel for what all they can do for them.  For Kim (who loves hotels and was raised by an interior designer who for a period of time did design for hotels and restaurants), this experience was a huge treat.  Look at a taste of the eye candy we were exposed too – who needs happy hour out when you can be photographing such fun combinations of color, texture and design.Kim spent one of her summers during college working for her mom at Art Williams Architecture.  That’s when Kim learned first hand to trust designers who knew what they were doing.  Small swatches may make no sense put together to the lay person but in full scale, they totally work.  Starr (Kim’s mom) would be thrilled by all of these combinations. One of Kathy’s Luminexa bar top was working it for the crowd.  It looks likes yummy butterscotch fudge whipped ready to eat – definitely mouthwatering.  It is always fun to see what she is working on because her combinations are only limited to the imagination.Here’s a little video of more of the goodies plus showing off the guests enjoying themselves.  We only listed the contributors who were listed on the Innvision thank you banner but as we learn who more of the suppliers were we can add their names too.Congratulations Luanne and the Innvision team, it looked like the night was a huge success!

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