– heather and jermaine’s first album draft

Here’s a first look at many of the best photos from Heather and Jermaine’s wedding in the initial wedding album design we did for them.If you should have any issues with this slideshow running, you can also click on this link to be taken to a website where the design is posted.  As there are many pages to load, please be patient for everything to show itself – it is worth the wait.To register to see all of the photographs from Heather and Jermaine’s special day, click here and you will be taken to our online partner Pictage.  The photos will not ready for you to see for a little while which is why you should register as an email will be sent to you once they are available for viewing. Pictage does require an Event Key to protect the couple’s privacy.  If you are a friend or family member, you might have received an email from Carpe Vita Photography telling you about this blog entry and what the Event Key is – please refer to that or contact Heather or Jermaine directly.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Heather, just wanted to view pictures again. Didn’t know if I saw all.

    Cousin Dorothy

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