grapefest 2010 – day 2

Friday was a spectacular day with steady crowds of festival goers passing by in search of a turkey leg, funnel cake,  or a glass of wine.  Once again we had some great visitors at the booth and a lot of them wore a Carpe Vita tattoo as they enjoyed the festivities.On the Gaylord Stage tonight was The Fixx.  Remember them?  “One Thing Leads to Another”, “Red Skies”, and “Saved by Zero”?  Well, they still sound great!And at the end of the evening, we were visited by a luchador who stopped by to remind everyone to come see us!These images have also been posted on Facebook.  Become friends with Kim, Steve, and Carpe Vita Photography and share them with your friends.Oh yeah,  we’ll be posting a lot more from Grapefest next week after we’ve had a chance to sleep.  Stay tuned…

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