– Cheryl and Kevin’s 10-10-10 Wedding

Sunday, October 10, 2010 found Kim Cooley of Carpe Vita Photography out in Valley View, Texas and a terrific new event venue – La Cantera Ranch Resort.  It is far enough from the city to think you are far, far away but Babe’s Chicken in Sanger is just down the road a bit so you are not that far from civilization.  When the ladies at the Ranch aren’t hosting weddings or corporate events, their beautiful home is a bed & breakfast.  So if you head to Winstar for a concert and don’t want to drive back to the Metroplex, give them a shout and make an outing of the event – you’ll be glad you did.Cheryl and Kevin and family were blessed with perfect October weather for a lovely wedding.  Kick back, prop your boots up and enjoy this little slideshow of some of their photos taken than day.As noted at the end of the slideshow, you can click the link to be taken to Pictage, Carpe Vita’s online lab.  Please pre-register to see the photos which aren’t yet available to see.  You will need to know the Event Key (you can ask either Cheryl or Kevin and they will let you know what it is).  When the photos are ready for viewing, an email will be sent to you letting you know they are then online.

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