– brandy and jake’s wedding

Our first wedding of 2010 – a whole new decade! – was with Brandy and Jake in Ft. Worth this last Saturday.   The wedding was at the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral downtown and the reception was held at The Ashton Depot.After a wonderfully weird week of 70 degree temperatures, Saturday came with gray clouds and some brisk winds.  But even the drops of rain (which are supposed to be good luck) didn’t dampen the spirits of the day.cvp-wed-kc-img_0311.jpg  cvp-wed-img_4633.jpgcvp-wed-img_4815.jpg  cvp-wed-img_0802.jpgcvp-wed-img_4869.jpg cvp-wed-img_0986.jpgBrandy’s touch of blue in her beautiful shoes was very classy.cvp-wed-img_1015.jpg cvp-wed-img_1038.jpgWhen we arrived at the Ashton Depot, the clouds moved away to show a little blue sky.cvp-wed-img_4960.jpgThe blue shoes were adorable but they gave way to her extremely comfortable boots early in the evening.cvp-wed-kc-img_1459.jpg  cvp-wed-kc-img_1634.jpgTrey & the Tritones provided the music for the evening and they definitely kept the crowd on their feet all night long.cvp-wed-kc-img_2196.jpgAnd we experienced two firsts with this wedding – a groom’s cake that looked like a fish and what a great looking fish too!  (Just in, Brandy let us know the fish cake came from Central Market – I’m thinking it must have been the Fort Worth store that she worked with).  Brandy also let us know that the florals were provided by Phillip Combs – I believe this was our first time to work with them too.  Have to say Phillip’s mothers flower bracelets were really unique and something I would wear without the flowers on a daily basis.  Another neat detail to note is the bottles used on some of the tabletops came from Brandy’s grandfather’s collection.  Unfortunately her grandfather wasn’t there in person, but he and her other extended family were there in spirit.cvp-wed-kc-img_1415.jpg  cvp-wed-kc-img_2087.jpg  cvp-wed-kc-img_2238.jpgcvp-wed-img_5242.jpg  cvp-wed-kc-img_2352.jpgThe other first for us was the couple’s chosen method of get-away transportation.  After running through sparklers, Brandy and Jake hopped on a bicycle built for two and away they went into the night.cvp-wed-kc-img_2558.jpg   cvp-wed-kc-img_2568.jpgBrandy and Jake, we had a great time and we appreciate you including us in your celebration.  Enjoy Chile!Cheers,Steve and Kimp.s. Friends and Family, a slideshow of more photos will be posted here soon.

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4 Responses to – brandy and jake’s wedding

  1. John Hawkins says:

    Great work, folks! Cannot wait to see more. The set up at the reception was so great (quick work). We viewed them over and over and were in awe of the beauty of the occasion as captured by you!

  2. Elizabeth Schwarz says:

    The cake was the creation of Dindo Acampado at Central Market. He replicated very well a pic of a Striper Jake caught at PK during Christmas holiday! Your work is beautiful, can’t wait to see them all! “mother of the groom!”

  3. kim says:

    Thanks John for your compliment, we try our best and when the technology gods smile on us, we get to share some of the awesome memories a little quicker. We took lots of great photos and want everyone to get to see them as soon as possible.Best wishes,KimCarpe Vita Photography

  4. Sheila Brewster says:

    Awesome photos!! I look at them and relive it all over again! Looking forward to seeing the complete collection..mother of the bride and my new title “mother-in-law”!!

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